The municipality of Kalavryta has an area of 531,797,000 square metres and a population of 8,609 inhabitants.


The town of Kalavryta is built on the site of the ancient Arcadian city of Kynaetha. Its current name, which dates back to the period under Frankish rule, refers to the fresh water springs abounding in the area. The town is located at an altitude of 756 m. at the foot of Mount Chelmos.


Kalavryta is a rapidly growing municipality, rich in historical monuments from antiquity to the very recent past. It is associated with the start of the Greek War of Independence on 25 March 1821, as well as with a tragic event in recent Greek history, the Massacre of Kalavryta by the Nazi troops on 13 December 1943.


At the same time, it is a place that enchants visitors with its warm hospitality and leaves them with unforgettable memories, whatever they are looking for …from important archaeological, historical and religious monuments to landscapes of outstanding beauty, such as:


  • the archaeological site of Ancient Loussoi, with the Mycenaean tombs and the Temple of Artemis;

  • the “Place of the Sacrifice”, featuring the statue of the bereaved mother and the Kalavryta Massacre Museum;

  • the historical primary school in the centre of town, where the German occupation forces locked up the women and children before setting the town on fire and exterminating its entire male population;

  • the Palace of Paleologina, dating from the 15th century;

  • the Monument to the Fighters of the 1821 War of Independence;

  • the Monastery of Hagia Lavra, where the Greeks launched the War of Independence from Ottoman rule in 1821;

  • the Monastery of Mega Spilaio;

  • the Monastery of Makellaria;

  • the Church of Panagia Plataniotissa, formed in the hollow of a plane tree;

  • the Petimezas Tower in the nearby village of Kato Loussoi;

  • the Odontotos cog train along the Vouraikos gorge, joining Kalavryta with the village of Zachlorou;

  • the ski resort;

  • the Kaniska oak forest and the Kertezi chestnut forest;

  • the Cave of the Lakes;

  • the Styx Waterfall;

  • and dozens of other attractions that will not fail to impress you.